The most annoying noises for the human being

The most annoying noises for the human being
Sounds usually fill your soul with feelings or you get excited through music. However, there are many so intolerable that you would like to cover your ears because… You can't stand what you hear around you! In this list I leave you the most annoying noises for the human being ..... Do you dare to listen to them, without being at the end with a headache ?? ...... Vote and comment for those that are most unbearable for you. .... VIDEOS INCLUDED

TOP 14:

Bubble gum........

Especially listen to the balloons ...

TOP 13:

The buzz of the world ..........

called "The Hum", this sound can be felt in most cities of the world, although only some people can perceive it according to their hearing abilities. Some think that it is due to the way in which the brain translates certain auditory stimuli, but also the possibility that it is a product of magma that moves amid the thin sections of the Earth's subsoil is considered. While there is no study to find out, everything is possible.

TOP 12:


These insects can look harmless but, when grouped together, they form one of the most unbearable sounds. Want a test?

TOP 11:

Threw up.

This is one of the most horrendous sounds !!

TOP 10:

The adjustment letter

Is there anything worse than watching a good series or movie on TV and stopping the transmission with this raucous sound? The famous rainbow of the small screen, whose purpose is to keep the broadcast chain active and to adjust its elements, is recognized for its awkward sound.

TOP 9:

The vuvuzelas

I could not miss! ... the icon of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa will not be precisely a footballer, but this annoying musical instrument that, despite millions of ears that enjoyed the planetary appointment, settled as king on the courts.

TOP 8:

Lathe of the dentist.

TOP 7:


TOP 6:

The car alarm.

especially when the vehicle ... It does not belong to you! because there is no way to silence him.

TOP 5:

The snoring!

if you hear a tender kitten snore it is almost adorable, but if they sound like those of Darth Vader stuck with an Ewok there is nothing worse.

TOP 4:

Crying baby.

The cry of a baby despairs anyone ... ... can not say what happens to them and that despairs even more to those who have nerves of "steel."

TOP 3:

Docking a microphone

TOP 2:

Don't put your fingernails on the board!

As in Freddy Krueger's worst nightmare, that noise makes you cover your eyes and ears with fear. Who has not happened?

TOP 1:


While you sleep peacefully ........ these insects appear to buzz in your ear ...