The best songs for narcissistic and vain

The best songs for narcissistic and vain
Songs that feed our ego (or that of their respective performers). Letters that make it clear that we all carry a Narcizo within us. Listen to them and vote for those that you would sing. If you know more, leave the name of the song and the author. Related lists worth visiting: Covers that were worth it Who the hell is Franz Ferdinand? Is your name really Bonus? Critics of the Bush government through musicGlee: the music of the first season

TOP 11:

Burn For Me by Echo & The Bunnymmen

TOP 10:

Narcissist of The Libertines

TOP 9:

Eminence Front of The Who

TOP 8:

To Be Someone (Didn't We Have A Nice Time) by The Jam

TOP 7:

I'm Your Man by Leonard Cohen

TOP 6:

I Wanna Be Adored by The Stones Roses

TOP 5:

Morrissey's All You Need Is Me

TOP 4:

Bress In Pocket by The Pretenders

TOP 3:

My face hurts from being so handsome of El Chichicuilote

TOP 2:

Oasis Roc 'N' Roll Star

TOP 1:

I love The Quartet of Us