The best female duets

The best female duets
Here are some of the greatest female duets that have existed.

TOP 15:

Gloria Trevi - Paulina Rubio "No Al Sheriff"

TOP 14:

Reba McEntire - Linda Davis "Does He Love You"

TOP 13:

Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire - "Because of You"

TOP 12:

Eve - Gwen Stefani "Let Me Blow Ya Mind"

TOP 11:

Mariah Carey - Nicki Minaj "Up Out My Face"

TOP 10:

Barbara Streisand - Celine Dion "Tell Him"

TOP 9:

Nicki Minaj - Rihanna "Fly"

TOP 8:

Christina Aguilera - Lil Kim "Can't Hold Us Down"

TOP 7:

Beyonce - Lady Gaga "Video Phone"

TOP 6:

Selena Gomez - Demi Lovato "One And The Same"

TOP 5:

Whitney Houston - Mariah Carey "When You Believe"

TOP 4:

Rihanna - Britney Spears "S&M" (Remix)

TOP 3:

Britney Spears - Madonna "Me Against The Music"

TOP 2:

Lady Gaga - Beyonce "Thelephone"

TOP 1:

Beyonce - Shakira "Beautiful Liar"