The best spontaneous in a class

The best spontaneous in a class
We've all been in boring classes with teachers who get students to sleep. It would have been nice to have people like this to wake us up.

TOP 10:

Very mainstream

Impossible to concentrate with such a classmate. It is the latest fashion to take notes.

TOP 9:

A wedding

What better way to interrupt a class for a wedding. This is how the class ended, with great applause.

TOP 8:

The Fox

Has anyone stolen a bag? Do not worry, the Fox goes into action to the music of some Mariachis.

TOP 7:


Libraries tend to be a place of tranquility and concentration. But all this ends when pacman enters the "waka waka".

TOP 6:

Bailong blackboards

So anyone attends in class. The music begins and the blackboards begin with their choreography.

TOP 5:

The Power Rangers

Encourage the most boring classes with a good Power Ranger dance: Economics, criminology, geography ...

TOP 4:

A battle to the Star Wars

Amuse students using force. A Jedi battle with Darth Vader!

TOP 3:

Little birds around here

It is a plane? It is a bird? !Do not! It is a Chicken that has lost a bet and starts to dance the song of the little birds. The professor gets upset, and decides to run after him until he is plated.

TOP 2:

Alien invasion

How would you take it if a group of aliens enters class, throws gases at the students and takes one of them? Well, it is exactly what happens in this kind of algebra

TOP 1:

A Mario Kart race

Impossible to concentrate if a Mario Kart race enters your class, and less if everything ends up with a running Batman. The most normal thing is that the teacher ends up without knowing where she was going ...

What do you think? Would you like them to enter your boring classes?