The best destinations in Europe

The best destinations in Europe
the best destinations in Europe where travelers from all over the world have selected the most interesting places to travel in 2013.

TOP 25:
Drubovnik - Croatia
Dubrovnik is no longer a name that refers us to a cruel war and destruction, but makes us think of a beautiful city with a heritage that managed to resurface after the battle. Croatia's biggest tourist attraction is the 20th destination in Europe for travelers

TOP 24:
St. Petersburg - Russia
The city on the banks of the Baltic is the preferred choice of Tripadvisor travelers to get to know Russia. The new Mariinski Theater, recently opened and in the image, adds to the appeal of its streets, palaces and museums such as the Hermitag

TOP 23:
Krakow - Poland
Eight million tourists visit Krakow every year, which is by far the preferred destination in their country, Poland. Since 1978 its historical center is a World Heritage Site and, especially since the fall of the iron curtain, it does not stop attracting travelers.

TOP 22:
Zermatt - Switzerland
At the foot of the Matterhorn, the small Swiss town of Zermatt offers an environment of an unusual natural beauty and the cozy tranquility of a mountain village. Winter sports when it is covered with snow and multiple activities in the Alpine summer are the culmination of the proposal that leads Zermatt to be one of Europe's favorite destinations

TOP 21:
Moscow, Russia
Although St. Petersburg has always left the Russian capital in the background in tourism, more and more Moscow is positioning itself as an increasingly attractive destination.

TOP 20:
Dublin, Ireland
The Irish capital has always been a very welcoming city for the traveler and, in fact, its people and its famous pubs are probably its biggest demands, although there is also a lot of culture and history to enjoy.

TOP 19:
Milano, Italy
The fourth Italian city of the five on the list - the fifth is Naples - is perhaps the most surprising of all: the informal capital of the north of the country has some treasures such as its beautiful cathedral -in the image-, but at least until Now the rich city of Lombard has always been the "poor sister" of Italian cities in terms of tourism, at least so far.

TOP 18:
Budapest, Hungary
As many will know, Budapest is nothing but the union of two cities on the banks of the Danube: Buda and Pest. The river itself, its famous parliament and places such as the Royal Palace, in the image, in addition to the well-known spas set up a cocktail that places it as the 17th preference of travelers

TOP 17:
Istanbul, Turkey
The capital of Turkey is probably the least European destination in Europe but that probably makes it more attractive. In addition, the city on the Bosphorus accumulates a heritage of breathtaking beauty with buildings as impressive as the Blue Mosque, in the image

TOP 16:
Munich, Germany
Not everything is Oktoberfest in Munich, although the world-famous cherry festival remains the main attraction of the Bavarian capital, which for the rest of the year remains one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

TOP 15:

Naples - Italy

Naples is the fifth Italian city list, which makes the transalpine country where more destinations have managed to place among the preferences of Tripadvisor travelers. The city of Vesuvius offers travelers a more "authentic" or at least more peculiar Italy, a heritage not very well known but impressive and the proximity of wonders such as Pompeii and Herculaneum.

TOP 14:

Oia Santorini, Greece

Oia is probably the quintessence of what travelers expect to find on a Greek island, as Santorini is perhaps the best known of the islands that populate the Aegean Sea. White walls, a deep blue sea and dreamy coves are more than enough claim.

TOP 13:

Lisbon Portugal

As close as an hour's flight from Madrid, with good prices and an irresistible charm, there are not many excuses for not knowing Lisbon, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, from the heights of the Castle of San Jorge and the Alfama to the banks of the beautiful estuary of the Taja

TOP 12:

Berlin Germany

The German capital is today one of the most thriving cities in Europe in every way and has also greatly improved its attractiveness as a destination

TOP 11:

Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital offers us a walk through the most classic Central European culture that never goes out of style and, although it may not be a mass destination for all audiences, it still has a few faithful.

TOP 10:

Athens, Greece

Not even the convulsive Greek situation of recent times has made Athens cease to be one of the preferred destinations for travelers in Europe. The fault, almost completely, of that hill that you see to the right of the image, the Acropolis, and of the treasures that it still contains.

TOP 9:

Amsterdam - Netherlands

The Dutch city goes through a year full of celebrations and reunions, from the reopening of the Rijksmuseum to 400 years of its network of canals, which makes it even more interesting than usual as a tourist destination

TOP 8:

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech capital is an essential visit and which many Europeans have also approached thanks to its affordable prices and its many attractions. Among them the famous Jewish cemetery

TOP 7:

Florence, Italy

The city of Arno is the third Italian on the list: its beauty and the incredible heritage of its streets and museums place it in sixth place among the European preferences of travelers.

TOP 6:

Venice Italy

From the most remote origin of what tourism is today, with English nobles touring Europe on their Grand Tour, Venice is one of the destinations set on the agenda of virtually any traveler

TOP 5:

Madrid Spain

The capital of Spain is increasingly a more powerful tourist destination - and still will be much more with the arrival of Eurovegas - and this year it has risen among the preferences of Tripadvisor travelers, going from 14th place to 12

TOP 4:

London England

The Olympic Games have suited London (perhaps not so much to the British economy) but the city that has been one of the centers of the world for two centuries unites its beauty as always and its famous monuments an impressive vitality that make its streets travel And stores a real treat.

TOP 3:

Rome Italy

The third largest tourist city in Europe is still Rome: its huge historical and artistic heritage is still a claim for travelers from all over the world.

TOP 2:

Paris France

The city next to the Seine will never cease to be a tourism classic and a world reference for travelers and one of those places to which everyone must travel at least once in a lifetime. In the image the Eiffel Tower, one of the symbols of the city.

TOP 1:

Barcelona, Spain

The city remains one of the leaders in the preferences of travelers, and even improves its position with respect to the previous year, moving from eighth to fourth place in the European list and reaching fifth in the world