The best cities with beach

The best cities with beach
There are destinations that combine the best of two worlds: an incredible beach with a dream setting and a dynamic and cosmopolitan city with activities of all kinds. In this way, those who get bored if the proposal is very rugged, have the option to enjoy both universes. This list is a compilation of the ten best beach cities in the world. Vote for your favorite. List taken from Among friends.

TOP 10:

Cape Town, South Africa

Located between the sea and the mountains, this city rich in cultural diversity where it is common to hear a different language in each corner, is a must stop on the African continent.

TOP 9:

Santa Monica, United States

A few steps from Los Angeles, the Pacific conquers lovers of surfing and water sports and, at night, look for something else.

TOP 8:

Tel Aviv, Israel

Although security here is a point against it, the natural beauty of this place, the richness of its history and its many attractions are enough reason not to miss it.

TOP 7:

Nice, France

Together with Montecarlo, one of the favorite sites of the European jet set, where the elegance of the old world is combined with the most modern facilities and an exclusive beach.

TOP 6:

Sydney, Australia

The most modern and furthest proposal. Although getting there is expensive and the trip is very long, this city is worth it and justifies. A very friendly and safe destination, with different proposals for all tastes.

TOP 5:

Miami, United States

An ideal city for hedonists, where the variety of proposals includes everything you need to have a good time, from a spa to a walk through the Art Deco neighborhood.

TOP 4:

Punta del Este, Uruguay

It is increasingly common to see famous faces seeking refuge on the farthest beaches of the city, from actors to members of European royalty, choose this small but vibrant and beautiful destination.

TOP 3:

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Carioca joy spreads and the magnificent beaches are joined by music, the casquinha de siri with the caipirinhas facing the sea and the more traditional walks such as the Christ the Redeemer and the Sugar Loaf.

TOP 2:

Barcelona, Spain

A city on the shore of the Mediterranean, which vibrates with its own rhythm and where, the cultural, historical and gastronomic heritage is as rich as its beaches are beautiful.

TOP 1:

Cancun, Mexico

Designed to provide relaxation and fun in equal parts. The fantastic temperature of the Caribbean is irresistible and, by proximity, it is worth completing the trip with a visit to the ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza.